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Thu Jul 29

What kinds of food are good to enjoy with alcohol?

2021-07-02 11:29:19
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[by Lim Jaeho] A drink with delicious food after work, a drink that you need to have a more honest conversation with your friends, hence, alcohol not only uplifts  the atmosphere but also makes the food more delicious if enjoying it with food adequately. Then, what kinds of food are good to enjoy with alcohol?


Pizza, a well-matched with beer. It is food baked with cheese and various toppings on top of the dough. Pizza, which may be slightly oily, is a perfect match for beer with cool and fresh. It is good to enjoy the pizza visiting a pub that pizza is delicious, and enjoying the pizza delivered at home with fun movies and dramas is also one of the ways to relieve stress.


A steak, good to enjoy with wine. It is a perfect food for those who like grilled beef, since it is possible to choose the degree of grilling according to their preference. It is a good food to enjoy with wine in a nice atmosphere place with a lover, recently, as there are many casual steak restaurants, it is perfect to enjoy with friends. Why don't you to enjoy steak if you want to make a good mood today?

Goobne Chicken

It is definitely Chicken, which is food that cannot be left out when looking for foods to enjoy with alcohol. Chicken is food that matches well with beer and soju both. The Original menu, a bestseller of Goobne Chicken, and the Red Pepper Basasak, which has a pungent spicy taste, both have a plain taste. As it is possible to find it at Tsim Sha Tsui branch, Hong Kong, if you really want to enjoy liquor with delicious food, let's look for Goobne Chicken! (Photo Credit: Pizza Hut, OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, Goobne Chicken Official WebSite)


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