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Sat Sep 18

What kinds of delicious food can you enjoy at the resort?

2021-07-06 11:00:33
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[by Lim Jaeho] It's hot summer. You can feel that it's too hot and stuffy to be stuck at home only. However, it's the reality that it is a little difficult to leave for a vacation as much as you can because of the current situation. Therefore, as it is difficult to enjoy a real tour away from faraway places, enjoying a nearby beach or a hotel staycation is a proper way to relax these days. When enjoying vacation, there are many things to do, such as playing in the water and uploading pictures on SNS, but what cannot be left out is delicious food. What kinds of food will be good to enjoy at the resort?


It is a food eaten with vegetables along with raw fish, enjoyed in Hawaii. It's a recent trend to have rice together, too. If it's hard to leave for Hawaii right away, why don't you eat a poke, enjoying a resort or hotel staycation? It may feel like you are in Hawaii at heart. Enjoying  juice or cocktail together with poke, the feeling of vacation will be more elevated.


There will be nothing like meat to elevate the feeling of resort. Let's enjoy our vacation even more delicious with barbecue. It would be a honey-like time if enjoying a vacation while roasting a meat together at a pension or something like place. Why don't you enjoy a barbecue party with your close friends or family in the garden in front of the pension this summer?

Goobne Chicken

It's a definitely chicken as the food that cannot leave out even on vacation. During hotel staycation, why don't you enjoy Goobne Chicken at a resort or swimming pool? When you are hungry due to playing in the water, or when you crave a glass of beer and delicious food during hotel staycation, it will always be a delicious food suitable for vacation spot. Let's have the best vacation this summer with the Original and Red Pepper Basasak menus that is the bestsellers of Goobne Chicken, which can be met at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. 
(Photo Credit: GSSHOP, Kurly, Goobne Chicken Official Website)


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