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Thu Jul 29

What kind of food will be good to enjoy during vacation with family?

2021-07-20 08:55:57
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[by Lim Jaeho] It's a holiday season. It is a time to leave for vacation spot gathering together with family after a long time. Even though the weather is hot, it is a joyful summer day that can enjoy spending time with family and see mountains, valleys, and the sea after a long time. What kinds of food can't be left out in such a happy family time?


Watermelon, which can be called as a byword of summer fruit. Because it is rich of cool fruit juice, it may be some fruit as called as two birds with one stone; very cool and even replenish moisture available, if enjoying it in summer. A fruit that makes your mouth cool and makes your heart refreshing when you're thirsty after playing, why don't you enjoy watermelon with your family?

Iced Americano

You don't have to eat a huge meal during travel. Why don't you get a vacation enjoying relaxation while looking at the sea with a glass of iced Americano? As it is a drink with espresso shot in cold ice water, which is bitter but not sweet and neat, a cool coffee without likes or dislikes. Let's enjoy a rest with a cup of iced Americano while looking at the sea on vacation.

Goobne Chicken

Chicken is definitely one of the foods that can't be left out even on vacation. Why don't you enjoy Goobne Chicken even on vacation? The original menu, which has an attractive taste with rich juices as well as not much likes and dislikes, doesn't have to be worried about the tastes of other family members that is different from. If there is a family member who likes pungent and spicy chicken, let's also take Red Pepper Basasak. Red Pepper Basasak is a chicken having a unique in its pungent and addictive spiciness. Let's take Goobne Chicken, which cannot be left out on vacation. (Photo Credit: Kurly, Coffee Bean, Goobne Chicken Official Web Site)


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