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Sat Sep 18

'Next Michael Jackson', BTS ranked as the top on Billboard Hot 100 with 'Permission to Dance'!, Substituting for 'Butter' that was No.1 in 7 consecutive weeks

2021-07-29 12:57:06
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[by Ent Team] BTS succeeded in 'Baton Touch' by ranking as the top on U.S. Billboard Main Single Chart, 'Hot 100', with their new song, 'Permission to Dance' following 'Butter'.

On the 19th (local time), the U.S. Billboard published that 'Permission to Dance,' which was released by BTS on the 9th, ranked as the top on  the 'Hot 100' chart (as of July 24). 'Permission to Dance', which ranked as the top directly in the first week of entry, took over the baton of the digital single, 'Butter', which had ranked as the top on the 'Hot 100' chart for 7 consecutive weeks from June 5 to July 17. As 'Butter' ranked as 7th on the 'Hot 100' chart, BTS made two songs on the top 10 of 'Hot 100' chart.

Through an article posted on the official website, Billboard significantly dealt with news of BTS's No.1 of 'Permission to Dance' on 'Hot 100'. Quoting MRC data, Billboard reported that 'Permission to Dance' recorded 15.9 million streams and 140,000 downloads in the U.S. at the weekly aggregation up to July 15 and the number of radio listeners reached 1.1 million.
Since BTS became the 1st Korean singer to take the top on Billboard 'Hot 100' with their digital single 'Dynamite', which was released in August last year, making a new history in popular music history, they ranked as the top on 'Hot 100' with their 5th times. According to Billboard, BTS' record, which ranked their 5 songs as the top on the 'Hot 100' chart in 10 months and 2 weeks, is the shortest period since Michael Jackson, who ranked 5 songs as the top on the 'Hot 100' in 9 months and 2 weeks from 1987 to 1988. In addition, BTS has been the first case to substitute for their own song as the top on the 'Hot 100' since Drake in July 2018. 

The cases that BTS ranked as the top on the Billboard 'Hot 100' chart raised up to as 13 times in total, starting with 'Dynamite" (3 times), to the remix version of 'Savage Love' (1 time), which was participated in featuring, the title track 'Life Goes On' (1 time), 'Butter' (7 times) and 'Permission to Dance' (1 time).
Meanwhile, 'Permission to Dance' also succeeded in 'Hot Shot Debut' that ranks as the top as soon as it enters the chart on Billboard 'Digital Song Sales' (Photo Credit: Big Hit Music)


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