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Sat Sep 18

'Summer High Teen Preview', Weekly released Highlight Medley of 4th Mini Album, including new song, 'Holiday Party'

2021-08-06 08:36:55
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[by Ent Team] Weekly has raised the atmosphere for a comeback with the release of a preview video for their 4th mini album.

Play M Entertainment released the highlight medley of their 4th mini album, 'Play Game: Holiday', on Weekly's official SNS and YouTube channels at 6 p.m. on the 28th.
In the released two-minute video clip, some of the 5 tracks in the 4th mini album, including the title song, 'Holiday Party', were released in the form of a preview, adding expectations on Weekly's comeback. In the video, the scene of shooting the teaser image of Weekly's 4th mini album, presenting fantastic visuals with a pure white dress in a dreamlike purple background along with new songs, satisfied both eyes and ears.

'Holiday Party', a new song of Weekly which was unveiled by Weekly, captivated the ears at once with catchy melodies and groovy beats, prevising a powerful addiction. 'Holiday Party' is a 'Weekly's Summer Song' that combines lyrics about the joy of 'Holiday Party' with members' dynamic vocals and Weekly's springy positive energy.

In addition, there are various genres of songs, including 'Weekend', containing a heart of preparing for a trip, 'Check It Out', singing about the excitement of a trip with friends, 'La Luna', a sentimental summer night, and 'Memories of Summer Rain', which decorates a beautiful ending with the memory of summer rain. In particular, the 5 tracks in this album added organic enjoyment as if they captured the summer vacation journey itself and received global K-pop fans favorable reviews and attention on all tracks.

Weekly proved their rapid growth with 3rd mini album, 'We play' in March, with all of their album, music and MV views, recording as 'Career High'. Especially, the present active song, 'After School', gained attention by going well on Spotify Global Chart and Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, and was mentioned in the famous U.S. media Forbes and TIME, gaining spotlight. Thanks to this overwhelming upward trend, Weekly is expected to continue their rise as  'Global Rookie' with their 4th mini album, 'Play Game: Holiday' on August 4.
Meanwhile, Weekly's 4th mini album, 'Play Game: Holiday', will be released on major music sites at 6 p.m. on August 4. (Photo Credit: Play M Entertainment)


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