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Sat Sep 18

A gift for me who worked hard today

2021-08-06 08:46:36
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[by Lim Jaeho] A gift for me who worked hard today.

24 hours, given equally to everyone, the process of spending this time is different. Some days, really happy, but some days, really tired. When closing the end of a particularly difficult day, what gift can you give for yourself?

BULY 1803 Body Lotion

BULY 1803 body wash, moist even after washing with a body wash with rich oil texture. The scent of demask rose presents a deep and rich scent of ginger, vetiver and rose bouquet. If used in the shower, the pleasant and comfortable scent has an effect to relax both the body and mind. If you want to take a shower and have a healing time, why don't you try to use BULY 1803 body wash?


If you came out of the shower, it's a good way to console your mind with a cold glass of beer. Even though your body is refreshed and drowsy, but let's moisten your thirst with a glass of cool beer. Too much drinking is not good for health, but a beer like this is a gift for you at the end of the day. Why don't you call it a day with delicious beer that suits your taste?

Goobne Chicken

What kinds of side dish that go well with cold beer? It is Goobne Chicken definitely. Goobne Chicken's Original and Red Pepper Basasak menus, why don't you select these 2 best sellers as a today's gift for yourself? The original menu is attractive in rich juices, and Red Pepper Basasak is addictive with its spicy and pungent taste. Why don't you wrap up the day with Goobne Chicken? (Photo Credit: LF Mall, G-Market, Goobne Chicken)


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