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Sat Sep 18

'Summer Queen', Hyolyn & Dasom will release 'Summer Or Summer' on the 10th, a special collaboration to take over this summer

2021-08-11 12:35:14
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[Entertainment Team] Hyolyn and Dasom got together and heralded a powerful blow in the heat.

At midnight on the 4th, Contents Lab, VIVO (hereinafter referred to as VIVO), released a teaser image of the collaboration album of Hyolyn and Dasom, the Artists of August, on its official SNS channel of 'How to Spend 2021 Well'.

Hyolyn and Dasom in the teaser image released boasted their sexy and refreshing charms with cropped sleeveless T-shirts and jeans. Especially, the two caught the eye by enjoying the summer on the cool beach just by looking at them.

At the same time, the title of the song, 'Summer or Summer', has been released, announcing the glamorous return of summer queens, drawing explosive attention from K-pop fans. In particular, the title reminding of the balance game already raises curiosity, and as summer reminding of various keywords such as vacation, home party, beach, and swimming pool, much expectations on what kind of song will placed on the public's playlist.

Hyolyn and Dasom, who debuted as members of the girl group, SISTAR, in 2010, got together again and heralded summer domination with 'Summer or Summer', and also have received a lot of positive responses by announcing their participation in the 2021 project for donating to the social class suffering from COVID-19 on the 2nd.

Starting with the splendid opening of 2nd Aunt Kim DaVi, the 'How to Spend 2021 Well' project, in which the two will appear as artists of August, presents joy and excitement to those who are tired of COVID-19 with unique contents and combinations every month, including 'RAMIRANI', which actor Ra Mi Ran and rapper Mirani get together, 'Davi ITZY', which 2nd Aunt Kim DaVi and girl group ITZY get together.

Collaboration new song of Hyolyn and Dasom will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 10th. VIVO's music project will be joined by NC Soft's cultural content brand, FEVER, which trying to overcome limitations and deliver joy in various fields. (Photo Credit: Contents Lab VIVO)


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