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Sat Sep 18

'Guilty Pleasure' for everyone, What is a good food to enjoy as late-night snack?

2021-08-11 13:17:41
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[by Lim Jae Ho] Everyone knows that late-night snacks are not good for health. Not only can you feel bloated when waking up in the morning, but there are people who get swollen hands and feet as well as face when eating salty and spicy food as a late-night snack. In addition, if you get up morning after eating late-night snacks, it tends to eat a lot more when waking up in the morning because of more hunger feeling. The worst thing is to gain weight.
But there's nothing more like the late-night snack as a gift for me to close the day. It is a great happiness to have a conversation with  family while enjoying delicious food at the end of the hard day. If you live alone, it will be good to enjoy the late-night snack while watching a fun Netflix drama. Then, what is a good food to enjoy as the late-night snack?


Is there another late-night snack that is as simple as Ramen but gives you great happiness? As Ramen is often preserved at home, it can be possible to eat cooking quickly without delivery order separately. And it is a great advantage to have a wide range for selecting it depending on their own taste due to many types of Ramen recently. As there are various types of ramen, such as ramen with soup, stir-fried noodles that throw the soup away, and Bibim noodles that are mixed coldly, Ramen is perfect for a 'Simple late-night snack'.

Spicy Tteokbokki

Spicy food is perfect for blowing off stress. Let's enjoy the spicy Tteokbokki as the late-night snack, sweating profusely. You'll feel like that your stress and hard work of the day in gone. As there are various side dishes including fried food, rice balls and fish cakes, if you enjoy it with Tteokbokki, the taste and pleasure will be doubled.

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