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Sat Sep 18

Replenishing protein after exercising, what kind of food will be good?

2021-08-23 15:44:46
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[by Lim Jae Ho] There is a saying, 'It ain't over till it's over'. When you exercise hard and finish eating protein, it can be said to finish exercising. Therefore, many 'Sport Maniac' are trying to increase muscle mass by consuming protein in various ways. Since there have been many delicious and easy-to-eat protein foods in recent days, today, let me introduce foods that are good for supplementing protein after exercising.

Goobne Mall Chicken Breast Dumpling

Chicken breast dumpling of Goobne Mall, which contains 14g of protein in a pack. Because it's a dumpling, there is advantage that you don't have to suffer from the dry texture like eating chicken breast and you can intake  protein easily. If you want to intake protein easily and deliciously, Let's try eating protein after exercising with chicken breast dumpling of Goobne Mall.

Chicken Breast Cube

A simple chicken breast cube is also easy to replenish protein. That's because it is sold in a bite-sized cube which is easy to eat and can be cooked well to eat even if you microwave a frozen chicken breast cube or bake it on a frying pan. If you feel lazy to do something after exercising,
It is also a good idea to simply replenish protein with a chicken breast cube.

Goobne Chicken

Why don't you try to eat Goobne Chicken if you're hungry after exercising and want to replenish protein properly? Because it's plain due to roasted, not fried, it's good, not too much, for enjoying after exercising. The Original menu is excellent with plain and rich juicy, Red Pepper Basasak has an addictive with pungent taste. After work-out hard, and let's replenish protein properly with two best sellers of Goobne Chicken. (Photo Credit: Goobne Mall, Kurly, Goobne Chicken Official Web Site)


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