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Sat Sep 18

BLACKPINK's Lisa, Making global music fans as 'Up and Down' with her solo preview only

2021-09-03 08:37:58
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[by Ent Team] Only a single poster introducing BLACKPINK Lisa's solo debut has caused explosive interest from global music fans, predicting a sensation of popularity.
On the 23rd, YG Entertainment formalized that Lisa's solo debut will be soon with COMING SOON POSTER. Although the album name and releasing date were not specified, only with Lisa's silhouette, which gave off unusual aura and intense charisma, it was enough to raise the expectations of global music fans.
In fact, Lisa's name quickly ranked as the top on the Twitter World Wide Trend, and in many countries, including the U.S., Spain, and Germany, hashtags related to her ranked as top level on the list. In addition, posts on Instagram and Facebook about Lisa's 'COMING SOON POSTER' have achieved 6 million and 1 million of 'Hearts' (like) respectively, showing a tremendous rising trend.
Especially, expectations in China were overwhelming. The accumulative view count of the hashtag, 'Lisa's solo debut' on Weibo was surpassed as 3.3 billion views in a day, realizing her popularity and strong presence in China. The fact that she was appeared as a dance mentor in season 2 and 3 of the audition program, 'Youth With You' and received a lot of love from Chinese fans is interpreted to be effective.
In addition, leading foreign media including the U.S. Billboard, the U.K.'s Metro, and NME also spotlighted rushing on Lisa's news. That's because there is a very high possibility that the popularity of BLACKPINK member and trend leader Lisa, who has positioned herself as the world's top girl group, will be expanded. Foreign media anticipated that Lisa, who has outstanding dance skills, rap, and beauty, has a different charm from Jenny and Rose, who were the first runners of BLACKPINK's solo project, showing off a new march on various global charts.
Support from global fans is also pouring. Fans spilled out hot responses, such as 'Queen is finally coming back', 'Lisa will completely decorate the end of summer', 'Superstar Lisa's era has already opened', and 'I'm so curious about what concept it is'. (Photo Credit: YG Entertainment)


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