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Sat Sep 18

'Already the best as female', BLACKPINK's LISA, exceeding pre-order of 700,000 copies in 4 Days

2021-09-06 13:13:40
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[by Ent Team] BLACKPINK's LISA succeeded in hunting for a new record early ahead of her solo debut, proving her overwhelming global influence.
According to YG Entertainment, Lisa's solo single album, 'LALISA' exceeded 700,000 pre-orders in 4 days after starting its pre-sale on August 26.
Despite the first aggregation, it is already the highest pre-sale of single K-pop female solo artists. As about 10 days left until the album release date, orders are expected to increase further.
Orders have been pouring not only from domestic but also from various countries such as the United States, China, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia. As it is possible to get a glimpse of Lisa's powerful presence in the global music market, it is looking forward to her new history of K-pop female solos that she will write about.

Lisa, who combines all the necessary qualities including outstanding dance skills, rap skills, and beautiful appearance, has been in perfect harmony with BLACKPINK members, but also has shown strong charisma in her solo part.
It is a situation that draws attention as she plans to show her capabilities as a solo artist through her album, 'LALISA' under her name. YG heralded the music that melted Lisa's identity and the highest performance beyond the charisma that she has shown so far.
Meanwhile, Lisa's physical album 'LALISA' will be released in three formats: CD, Kit & LP. The song will be released on September 10 at 0 a.m. ET and 1 p.m. Korean time. (Photo Credit: YG Entertainment)


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