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Sat Sep 18

Change mood with delicious food

2021-09-14 08:29:23
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[by Lim Jae Ho] For any reason, bad situation that your feeling is not good occurs. A person's mood cannot be consistently good. Stress comes from various factors, such as being scolded from a boss at office, stress from work, stress from personal relationships, and fatigue from yourself.

If you get stressed like this, you feel depressed and down in spite of yourself, there are various ways to relieve it. Some people sleep thoughtlessly, and others shed tears. And some people may go for a drive or watch  favorite dramas or movies all day long. However, most of all, delicious food is the golden remedy. What are some delicious foods that even make you feel better?


Is there any other food that is as good for relieving stress as spicy and chewy Tteokbokki? As you eat Tteokbokki, which is marinated deliciously spicy sauce, you will be able to forget what made you stressed and face yourself with a good mood. It is delicious with various fries in spicy seasoning as well as with sundae. And if you add hot fish cake and fish cake soup, it is icing on the cake. Let's enjoy delicious Tteokbokki.

Milk Tea

There will be no food that can be a golden remedy for stress as much as sweet drinks. How about enjoying the sweet Milk Tea? Depending on your taste, it is possible to add tapioca pearls, and enjoy it with various adding such as coconut, white pearls, and aloe. Milk tea, which can perfectly suit your taste because it can be set the amount of ice as well as the sugar content. As there are various types, why don't you change the mood with Milk Tea?

Goobne Chicken

Is there good food as much as chicken to relieve stress? Let's break through stress properly with Goobne Chicken's Original and Red Pepper Basasak menus. Original is an attractive chicken with rich juices, and Red Pepper Basasak has an addictive taste that relieves stress with spicy and pungent seasoning. As it is possible to meet at Tsim Sha Tsui store, Hong Kong, today, if you want to relieve your stress properly, let's run to visit there right now. (Photo Credit: WeHalmae Tteokbokki, GongCha, Goobne Chicken Official Web Site)


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